Espresso (single or double)
regular or decaf $4/$6

regular or decaf with steamed mild and a crown of foam $4.5

fresh brewed espresso with hot water $4

espresso topped with a dollop of foamed milk $4.5

Café Mocha  
espresso poured into hot chocolate milk topped w/whipped cream $5

Caramel Macchiato 
espresso, steamed vanilla milk topped w/whipped cream & caramel $5

Shot in the Dark (single or double) 
fresh brewed coffee with a shot of espresso $6/$8

Sambuca White
anise-flavored Italian liqueur $7.5

Grand Marnier

French orange-flavored liqueur made with cognac & brandy $7.5

Dom B&B

Benedictine herbal infused French liqueur $9

Remy Martin VSOP

French cognac with hints of fruit and hazelnut $12

Rotating Port Selections

Inquire with your server

Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur $8.5

Bumbu Caribbean Rum    

native spices and cane sugar provide caramel and toasted oak notes $9.5

Courvoisier VSOP   

exquisitely balanced French cognac with notes of peach and toasted almond $10