The Noble Experiment

gin, fresh squeezed orange juice, almond vanilla simple syrup, angostura bitters, served up $9

Flint & Striker Sazerac

Bulleit rye, atomized absinthe, lemon ginger simple syrup, orange bitters, served neat over a sugar cube in the raw in a rocks glass $11

Old Fashioned Boulevardier

Bourbon, Aperol, Lo-Fi sweet vermouth, orange rind simple syrup, angostura, muddled fruits on the rocks $12

The Bees Knees

gin, fresh squeezed lemon and orange juice, orange rind simple syrup $9

Ward 8

Bulleit rye whiskey, fresh squeezed lemon and orange juice, dash of grenadine, Lo-Fi sweet vermouth, chilled, served neat over a sugar cube in the raw in a rocks glass $11

Dubonnet Cocktail

Dubonnet, gin, orange bitters, grapefruit extract served up $11


cognac, Cointreau, fresh squeezed lemon, dash of crafted almond fig bitters, orgeat, and agave nectar served up $12

Southside "The Al Capone"

gin, lime extract, Lo-Fi dry vermouth, Benedictine $12


gin, Cointreau, fresh squeezed lemon, topped with champagne $12


Knob Creek bourbon, lemon ginger simple syrup, shaken, on the rocks $11

During Prohibition times (1920-1933) when these classic cocktails were originally created, quality alcohol was certainly scarce and hard to come by. During this time period, for the first time, bartenders were forced to create drinks using citrus flavors and sweeteners in their recipes. Although these additions to "bath tub" and "backwoods" prohibition era spirits are very simple and basic, the cocktails that emerged still remain prominent to what we enjoy almost 100 years later today. Please enjoy a modern twist on a few of our selections from this innovative era...

Western Sour

Knob Creek bourbon, grapefruit, almond vanilla simple syrup, lime and sours on the rocks $11

The Mule

Titos vodka, ginger beer, bitters $8

Classic Daiquiri
white rum, orange rind simple syrup, fresh squeeze lime served up $8

Ol’ Pepper

Mezcal, chipotle honey, angostura, splash of fresh squeezed
orange juice $10

Getaway Car

Avion, grapefruit, pressed lime with a light touch of Lo-Fi dry vermouth and tobacco $12

"TLC Hoppelganger"

bourbon, grapefruit extract, bitters crafted with hops walnut and grapefruit rinds, Lo-Fi dry vermouth, agave nectar $11

"Harvey Two-Faced Wallbanger"

citrus vodka and apricot brandy, orange juice, orgeat, angostura, fig crafted bitters, atomized galliano, Benedictine $11